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New Dental Hygiene Program at SEGA

We are Samantha Azadian, Jessica Begley, and Nannette Boakye, and we are second-year dental students at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. And we are so honored to be at SEGA! Less than a week after finishing our first-year finals of undergraduate and dental school, we were off to Morogoro, Tanzania where we would stay […]

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Welcome to The SEGA Lodge

 SEGA’s Newest Opportunity for Visitors & Students SEGA has an exciting project to share! Over the last couple of years SEGA has been developing the SEGA Lodge – a 6-bedroom guest house for SEGA visitors. The Lodge is currently up and running and offers exciting opportunities to visitors and students alike! The SEGA Lodge serves […]

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Community Outreach at SEGA

SEGA students visit organizations in the Morogoro community to understand the lives and daily challenges of others. SEGA students regularly visit community organizations as part of their leadership development program. Since the majority of SEGA students are from vulnerable backgrounds themselves and often have been on the recipient side of community support, community outreach offers […]

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