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Things We Love About SEGA

Valentine’s Day is a fun day when we take the time to express appreciation for the things we love while eating chocolates or those little heart candies with the words on them. Personally, I could gush about all the things I love about SEGA—the smart and driven students, the dedicated teachers, the beautiful buildings and […]

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SEGA’s Nursing Program

Caring for Our Students SEGA is proud to offer our students basic medical care right on campus. SEGA employs three matrons to care for our students. Stella is the school’s certified nurse and Eva and Rukia, nursing aides, care for girls during non-class hours. Together the matrons offer free care, administer basic medications and diagnose […]

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Preparing for Success in Secondary School: SEGA’s English Fluency Program

SEGA’s second English Fluency Program brought more than 20 volunteers to SEGA for two weeks to help students gain comfort speaking English. By Hannah Wilson Imagine you finish a school year, and after your summer break, you don’t just switch teachers or classrooms – you switch languages. That is the situation of most Tanzanian students […]

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