Student Selection

Girls Who Are Selected

The SEGA students are vulnerable girls who have dropped out of school before completing their primary (up to 7th grade) education because of extreme poverty.

Student selection 1 revisedGirls who are selected have:

  • Completed 5th grade.
  • Given a compelling reason for dropping out of school.
  • Shown a strong commitment to returning to school.
  • Demonstrated the potential to make a positive impact on the school community and readiness to participate in school life.
  • Passed the school entrance exam.


The SEGA Girls School is non-sectarian, admitting girls of all faiths. Students are selected from different regions of Tanzania to promote diversity within the SEGA Girls School student population.

Students currently attending the school come from:

  • The surrounding Morogoro area.
  • Iringa, south west of Morogoro (a five-hour bus journey).
  • Njombe south west of Morogoro  (a nine-hour bus journey).  
  • The Maasai region in the north of Tanzania (an 11-hour bus journey).

Selection Process

Student Selection2 revisedThe student selection process is carried out in cooperation with the local community.

Step 1 – Formation of a Selection Committee

The selection committee includes local community leaders, members of the SEGA board and members of the SEGA Girls School staff.

Step 2 – Distribution of Application Forms

Application forms are given to local community leaders who meet with their constituents to share information about the school. Girls who are interested complete the forms and secure recommendations from elders in their community.

Step 3 – Initial Assessment

Applications are assessed and shortlisted according to the selection criteria.

Step 4 – Testing and Home Visits

Pre-selected applicants are invited to take the school entrance exam, followed by home visits and interviews with each applicant and their guardian to verify the girls’ need and motivation.

Step 5 – Final Selection

The committee makes a final selection of students for the program based on the exam results and interviews.

Welcome Our Newest Student!rehema-1

Meet SEGA’s youngest (and smallest!) student. Rehema Mohamed is 10 years old, and is part of SEGA’s new Standard 6 class. Rehema was top in her class at her primary school, and is excited to start at SEGA.