SEGA’s Nursing Program

Caring for Our Students

20150325_NM_2252SEGA is proud to offer our students basic medical care right on campus. SEGA employs three matrons to care for our students. Stella is the school’s certified nurse and Eva and Rukia, nursing aides, care for girls during non-class hours. Together the matrons offer free care, administer basic medications and diagnose common illnesses. In the off-chance one of our students becomes more seriously hurt or ill, one of the matrons will accompany the student to the local hospital and ensure that she receives proper and prompt care — an invaluable service for our students.

In addition to providing direct medical care, our nursing team works with SEGA’s Education for Life program to hold a series of seminars throughout the year about health concerns and teach the girls about personal hygiene. SEGA also brings doctors and nurses from nearby Morogoro to address and educate the girls about specific diseases or health issues.

Our nursing program is just one of the many ways our SEGA team cares for and educates our students.

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