SEGA (Secondary Education for Girls’ Advancement) was founded by Polly Dolan in 2007, and was registered in Tanzania in 2008 as a non-profit Company Limited by Guarantee.

SEGAlogoSEGA’s objectives

  • To provide high quality, academically challenging Secondary Education for Tanzanian Girls through the development of a boarding school
  • To provide necessary financial, material and social support for vulnerable girls (poor, orphaned, disabled, affected by HIV/AIDS, at-risk of falling into exploitative labor conditions) to attend and succeed within the school
  • To foster development of healthy self-esteem, independent thinking, decision-making and life skills among students
  • To adequately prepare students for academic success, through English language instruction, and remedial “catch-up” programs as necessary
  • To enable students to explore and express their creativity through art, music, theatre, drama and other venues
  • To promote social and environmental consciousness and a spirit of volunteerism and social action among students through community projects
  • To encourage parental and community support for and engagement in school affairs and education of students

SEGA and Nurturing Minds Partnership

In 2008, Nurturing Minds committed to partnering with SEGA, raising funds and providing technical expertise for the construction and development of the SEGA Girls School.

SEGA Board of Directors

The SEGA Board is composed of five Tanzanians and two Americans, one of whom is Polly Dolan, Founder.


 Lascelles Chen originally from Jamaica, has lived in East Africa for the past 25 years. With 20 years of experience in management and policy advising in the banking and micro-finance sector, Mr. Chen founded the Magadu Entrepreneurship and Business Training Institute (MEBTI) in Morogoro, and currently serves as the Executive Director.   MEBTI provides training in business planning and management to a wide range of individuals and groups, such as farmers, secondary school and university students, and independent business people.  Mr. Chen is also the founding member of the MFmobile project establishment team, which is seeking to bring the  micro-finance mobile technology and internet communications technology applications to the market in Tanzania and other African countries.  Originally a teacher by profession, Mr. Chen brings a wealth of experience relevant for SEGA’s continued development.

Board_PollyDolanPolly Dolan, Founder holds a Master’s in International Administration, and has been living and working in East and Southern Africa since 1996.  From 1998-2002, Polly coordinated community development and environmental conservation projects for CARE in Tanzania; and since that time has continued to work in health, education and vulnerable children programming areas as an independent consultant.  Polly believes that educating girls is a cornerstone to overcoming poverty and social injustice in Tanzania.  Polly resides in Tanzania.  Her role with SEGA is to represent Nurturing Minds’ interests on the SEGA board, and serve as a liaison between Nurturing Minds and SEGA.  She is overall in-charge of project management and coordinates the input of US-based and other technical expertise on an as-need basis.

SEGA Demetrius MalopolaDemetrius Mathias Malopola holds a Master of Science in Range Management from the University of Nairobi, bringing over 10 years of experience to the SEGA board in research, monitoring and evaluation, environmental conservation and poverty alleviation.  Mr. Malopola is a former employee of CARE Tanzania where he worked from 1998 – 2004 with Burundian and Congolese refugees and Tanzanian communities to protect the natural forests of western Tanzania. From 2005-2006, Mr. Malopola  worked with the Wami Mbiki Society, as the Community Base Natural Resource Management Project Manager.  In January 2007 he joined War on Want, a Northern Ireland organization, where he serves as the Country Representative for Tanzania, based in Morogoro.  SEGA is honoured to have Malopola on its team.


OscarMloweOscar Mlowe holds a Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technologies and a Diploma in Education and has developed his career in information communications technologies (ICT) within the field of education.  Over the past ten years Oscar has had vast exposure and experience as part of a national training program involving travel and site work in all 34 Teacher Training Colleges across Tanzania where he has been responsible for network device installation, upgrading of computer application programs and advising for appropriate learning management platforms, and monitoring of internet and Local Area Networks performance.  Oscar currently serves as an Assistant Systems Administrator of the Ministry of Education Science and Technologies, based at the lead college in Morogoro, where he continues to coordinate and conduct computer systems training.

MrBlastusKMwizarubiBlastus K. Mwizarubi, Chair of the Board holds a Masters degree in Education, Curriculum Development and Evaluation, from the University of Dar es Salaam and has 17 years teaching experience at primary school level and in teacher training and teachers professional development. As the Education Sector Coordinator for CARE International in Tanzania since 2001, Blastus has designed and coordinated implementation of multi-agency AIDS Education programmes (AMREF 1990-2000), and numerous education quality improvement and girls’ education programs throughout the country.  From 2004-2006 he was selected to Chair the Tanzanian Education Network (TEN/MET), a network of organizations conducting advocacy on education related issues at national level, which played a major role in convincing the Government of Tanzania to abolish school fees at primary level under its national Primary Education Development Plan (PEDP).  Blastus provides guidance to SEGA to ensure the organization’s contribution and relevance to national education priorities and programs in Tanzania; and facilitates networking between SEGA and others addressing girls education issues within the country.

MrsHelenNkalangangoMrs. Helen Nkalang’ango is trained as a nurse and midwife, practicing for 16 years.  She is the founder of the Safina Women’s Association (SAWA), registered in 1998 as a savings and credit association to help widows like herself.  The organization grew and in 1999 they opened the Lena Primary and Nursery school in Morogoro. Helen is currently the general secretary of SAWA, and has served as the Manager of the Lena Primary and Nursery School since 2003.  Hellen provides field support in Morogoro during development of the project concept, educational programs and physical infrastructure; serving as a liaison with local government authorities and non-governmental organizations based in Morogoro.

SherleyYoungSherley Young Nurturing Minds Representative
Sherley holds an M.S in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. She brings experience in a wide range of careers to the Nurturing Minds board; including a history teacher and the founder and executive director of two health clinics for women. Sherley has been active on over 10 boards in the Philadelphia area that focus mainly on education and health care/family planning. She has also led over 10 build trips for Habitat for Humanity International, many of which have been to Africa. Sherley is passionate about Africa and believes that educating girls is the best way to help communities.