School Partnership

Building a relationship between your school and the SEGA Girls School can provide
invaluable opportunities and experiences for all of the students involved.

Nusura with Hipstitch Teens

Newton Teens for SEGA attend a NM/SEGA fundraiser at Hipstitch in Newton with SEGA Student, Nusura during her study abroad visit in 2014.

There are a variety of ways that the students from your school can connect with those from the SEGA Girls School:

Share information about your lives and culture with the SEGA students

  • School Partnerships 2Join our school Pen Pal program.  The SEGA students love to receive letters and photos from other students and enjoy writing about their lives.
  • Make videos or photo albums of a student’s day to send to the SEGA Girls School, and we can ask the SEGA students to make similar videos for you.
  • Set up a Skype session with the SEGA students.
  • Arrange a service learning visit to the SEGA Girls School – a group of students from the Agnes Irwin School recently spent a week living at the SEGA Girls School, joining in with the SEGA students as they worked on the poultry farm and organic gardens, teaching them English, dancing and relaxing with them, and forming strong bonds of friendship. 

“This marvelous trip to Tanzania showed me just how lucky I am to have everyday necessities such as running water, electricity, Hulu, prepackaged foods…. Oh I can go on! Most importantly though, this trip proved to me that true friends can be found anywhere in our world”  Jean Geary, Agnes Irwin Student

Raise awareness and raise funds to support the development of the SEGA Girls School: 

  • Learn about Tanzania, the SEGA Girls School, and the importance of educating girls, and share this information with your friends and family.
  • Visit our Facebook page, BlogTwitter, and Instagram to find out about progress and events at the SEGA Girls School and spread the network.
  • Put up a SEGA Girls School exhibit at your school
  • Raise funds to support the education of the SEGA students. We can suggest specific projects that you can raise funds for, or you could raise funds for the student sponsorship program.

Please see below some ideas for successful fundraising projects that other SEGA Girls School partners have used:

  • SONY DSC“Change for Change” – provide containers around your school for students to drop their spare change into
  • “Souper supper” – working with the art department, students make African-themed ceramic bowls that are sold at an evening selling soup and refreshments
  • Athletic Events – walk-a-thon, bike ride, fun run, sports tournament
  • Fundraising event – an evening or dinner for friends and family to attend, learn about the SEGA Girls School and support the school
  • Sell Holiday Cards – create cards for Mothers Day or another holiday to sell using photos from Tanzania and the SEGA Girls School
  • Plant sales – in particular a focus can be made on the African Violet that is indigenous to the Morogoro area of Tanzania, where the school is located
  • Doggy Day Care – hold a doggy day care or dog was party in your neighborhood

Please click on the link below to see a PowerPoint presentation about the Agnes Irwin School SEGA Club and their service learning visit to the SEGA Girls School: Agnes Irwin School Sega Club

How To Get Started

If you are interested in establishing a partnership between your school and the SEGA Girls School:

  • Share information about Nurturing Minds and the SEGA Girls School with your teachers and friends (ask them to look at the website, give them brochures and literature that we can provide) to see if you can find a group of people who would like to join with you in forming a partnership with the SEGA Girls School.
  • Contact us to receive brochures and literature and discuss your plans and how we can help.

Volunteer School Partnership Coordinator – Clare Reilly

Our Partnering Schools

We would like to thank the following schools that partner with the SEGA Girls School for their support in many different ways:

Academy of Notre Dame de Namur, PA

The Agnes Irwin School, PA

Bigelow Middle School, MA

Coal Creek Elementary School, CO

Delaware Valley Friends, PA

Episcopal Academy, PA

Fairview High School, CO

Friends Central School, PA

Kings Highway & Saugatuck Elementary Schools, CT

The Lawrenceville School, NJ

Madison Empowering Girls Advancement (MEGA), WI

Montclair High School, NJ

Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, PA

Springside Chestnut Hill, PA

Tower Hill School, DE

Trafalgar School for Girls, Canada