Have You Ever Considered a Dog-friendly Fundraiser?

The Northeast Nurturing Minds Chapter supporters raised over $1,800 through their event.

A Boston area 12 year old and her family sponsored a Back to School Dog Play-date on September 6, to fulfill the social outreach requirement that is part of her upcoming bat mitzvah. The family solicited local pet stores for donations (successfully procuring “party favors” of dozens of food samples and neon tennis balls). Partnering with a dog training / specialist ensured that an expert was present if any canine conflict were to arise, and she was able to network with possible new clients. Coffee, lemonade, and snacks were served. With approximately 15 families participating, close to $1,800 was raised for Nurturing Minds, which reflects the level of enthusiasm for this activity!

A dog play-date fundraiser can be held any time and does not have to be in honor of a milestone. It can entail (no pun intended!) other elements – perhaps a dog wash (as in this case), a holiday theme, pot-luck, cookout, or cocktail party. There is an extremely wide range of possibilities.

Will you give this unusual fundraiser a try? If you have any questions about hosting a dog play-date fundraiser in honor of Nurturing Minds, please contact kpomper@yahoo.com.

Dog Wash

Milo enjoying a bath at the Dog Wash event. Photo Credit: Myrosha Dziuk


Haley Arnott a dog training expert from The Good Hound was present if any canine conflict were to arise. Photo Credit: Myrosha Dziuk